More Details On Upcoming Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 4S And iPad 2

Untethered Jailbreak

Pod2g has shared a little more information on the jailbreak for iPhone 4S and iPad 2 which is expected to be released next week.

Recently, there was a jailbreak that worked on all iDevices except iPhone 4S and iPad 2. People had been waiting for a jailbreak that would work on these two gadgets.

In a recent blog post, pod2g has answered a couple of questions that people might be having in their mind while waiting for jailbreak. One of the questions is how he has managed to get an untethered 4S and why dev teams still have not released tools to achieve this at home.

In Pod2g’s own words:

The exploit I used to inject the untethering files to the 4S relies on having a developer account, and can’t be released publicly.It’s the same reason why @MuscleNerd has an iPad 2 tethered jailbreak but couldn’t distribute it. So, we need to find a distributable exploit to remount the system partition read/write and to set Corona files at the correct places.

Seems like this Jailbreak may not be as imminent as expected by us.

Source: iMore

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