More Evidence Of A5X Processor Coming In iPad 3

A5X Processor Chip

There are some specs that everybody reporting rumors about iPad 3 agrees on.

According to rumors commonly circulated and agreed upon, iPad 3 will feature a Retina display, larger battery, upgraded cameras, iOS 5.1 with Siri support, and LTE. However, one is still wondering whether iPad 3 will feature the rumored upgraded dual-core A5X processor or quad-core A6 processor.

AllThingsD has published a report on the latest out of analyst Steve Mullane. Mullane said that he has been hearing from supply chains that the iPad 3 will feature the dual-core A5X processor.

BlueFin Research Partners analyst Steve Mullane says information coming out of the semiconductor supply chain suggests that Samsung, Apple’s chip fab partner, isn’t equipped to manufacture 28-nanometer quad-core chips, as the A6 is presumed to be….we believe the 32-nanometer ramp validates the recent rumors that the iPad 3 will likely use a higher speed, die-shrink version of the A5 dual-core processor, named the A5X processor, as opposed to the next-generation A6 quad-core processor.”

Mullane’s findings back up the claims about iPad 3 featuring an A5X processor. However, there have been reports that Apple is currently working on both the A6 processor and A5X processor. One possible scenario that some reports have given, is the A6 processor being featured in the iPad 3 and A5X will be featured in the rumored Apple TV that is set to launch in March.

At this point, it is difficult to confirm anything as Apple has not made any announcement.

There are rumors that Apple would announce the iPad 3, at an event on 7 March 2012. US retailers have slashed the price of the iPad 2 and have begun removing the iPad 2 from their shelves, welcoming the arrival of the iPad 3. The iPad 3 has also reportedly begun shipping from China.

What do think iPad 3 will have? A5X processor or A6 processor? Post your comments.

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