More images of Microsoft booklet – Courier

Since our latest published rumors of the Microsoft booklet of increasingly rising interest, called Courier, we have collected some new images of the product. Sources tell us that the earlier posted images and YouTube video are in fact of a late prototype of Courier. This means that the booklet’s look and shape may be finished and that Microsoft is planning a release, or official announcement, in the nearest future. There are no visual changes to the product in the images, and they seem to be of the same prototype.


The Microsoft booklet, Courier, will serve as electronic alternative to an ordinary notebook. It has multi-touch display, wireless Internet connection, integrated maps, address book, navigation and a neat interface which features several graphical interactive actions, such as clip & paste. It is understood as highly organized competition to Apple’s upcoming tablet, as Courier is said to have been under secret development ever since the first rumors of an Apple tablet went public.


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