German Court Gives Motorola iCloud Injunction

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Apple faced an injunction that banned the sales of various iPhones in Germany. Apple defeated Motorola by appealing against the injunction and getting it quashed, same day.

However, Motorola still has one victory against Apple to its credit. On Friday, 3 February 2011, Motorola won an injunction against Apple’s iCloud.

The Mannheim Regional Court in Germany ruled that the Push email service in iCloud and MobileMe infringed on Motorola Mobility patents. As a result, the court and awarded Motorola, an injunction blocking Apple from using the iCloud feature. The court also ruled a ban on the devices that took advantage of the feature. Now, Apple would have to stop offering push email service through iCloud and MobileMe in Germany.

Push email allows users to know that they have new messages without requiring them to open the Mail app on their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Without this feature, users would have to set Mail to check for new messages on a set schedule, or launch the app to let messages download.

Florian Muller of FOSS Patents commented on the ruling:

“Today’s judgment is appealable (which is why it’s only ‘preliminarily enforceable’), and it’s a given that Apple will appeal this to the Karlsruhe Higher Regional Court. The term ‘preliminary enforceable’ means that Motorola can seek its enforcement anytime now if it posts a €100 million bond, but if an appeals court overturns the ruling, Motorola will be liable for premature enforcement of an improperly-granted injunction.”

At the time of this news-report being written, the value of €1(one Euro) in US dollars in $1.31.

Apple’s legal team is planning to appeal against this injunction.

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Source: The Mac Observer

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