Motorola May Get Legally Bound To Destroy Their Phones

Motorola Cell Phones

When Apple defeated Motorola last time in court, this defeat was big setback for Motorola and embarrassment was bigger because Apple’s victory created the possibility of victory for Apple over Motorola in other court cases.

As the legal battle between Apple and Motorola rages on, a new ruling has found that Motorola did indeed violate Apple’s EU Patent No. EP2059868 on a “portable electronic device for photo management”. The patent in question basically fixes over scrolling by bouncing the user back a bit once they have zoomed in too far. This patent maybe software specific. However, it may have repercussions on Motorola’s hardware if they do not come up with a fix quickly.

The injunction granted by the Munich I Regional Court gave Apple the ability to require Motorola to destroy any infringing products in the company’s possession in Germany. According to this injunction, Apple can even force Motorola to recall all their patent infringing products from German retailers just so they can destroy them. The odds of this ruling maybe unlikely to happen, but it would be awesome to watch a mountainous pile of Droid Bionics being burned in a city square, reminding all of 16th century witch hunt. Let us assume that the evil Android phones had stolen magical powers from Apple.

All doors are not shut for Motorola though. A simple software update can be sent to their infringing products to avoid any enforcement of the injunction. And there is a strong possibility that this will happen. Apple still has a number of cases against Motorola and other handset manufacturers in Germany and many other courts across Europe. It would be interesting to see how those companies would adjust their legal strategies on the basis of this latest ruling.

Source: Cult Of Mac

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