Motorola’s Patent Enforcement Against Apple Could Cost German Taxpayers Dearly

Motorola Apple

Now interesting update! Yet the legal battle between Apple and Motorola in Germany is making news, Thanks to FOSS Patents.

In a recent article, FOSS Patents pointed out a loophole in German law that was (and is still) forcing taxpayers to pay for part of the court proceedings between Motorola and Apple. Motorola is currently enforcing an injunction against Apple and has deposited money for the injunction as required by law.

Apple is appealing this injunction. The appeal is slowly winding its way through the German court system. When a settlement or judgment is finally reached in the lawsuit, then according to law, Germany owes Motorola interest on the injunction money that was set aside. The government cannot invest this money while it sits, so this interest payment must come from taxpayer money, says FOSS Patents.

Source: TUAW

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