Motorola Sues Apple For Six Patents In US

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The conflict between Apple and Motorola is as intense as it was between Apple and Samsung. For a while, no significant news surrounding Motorola and Apple hit the headlines as a lot of focus by international media was towards Samsung against Apple. However, after two consecutive victories against Samsung, Apple returns to fight Motorola’s lawsuits.

Motorola Mobility has filed a lawsuit against Apple in a Florida court on Wednesday, 25 January 2012, accusing the latter of violating 6 wireless technology patents found in the iPhone 4S and iCloud. The patents in question are related to antenna, software, data filtering, and messaging technology.

Google recently acquired Motorola for $12.5 billion and is in the process of merging with the company. However, Google is not directly involved with this specific case. Motorola’s lawsuit might be an attempt to protect patents (that are often used as weapons in court battles) for the ongoing legal war between the top smartphone manufacturers. In fact, this is the closest Apple and Google have ever come to fighting a court case.

Reuters reported:

Motorola said the patents cited in the latest lawsuit are the same ones it is fighting to protect in a different Florida lawsuit. This complaint is against two of Apple’s latest products, the iPhone 4S and Apple’s iCloud remote storage service for music and other media, Motorola said.

Google may not be a party in this lawsuit, but at the moment, Google is not the owner of Motorola Mobility. This lawsuit should not be interpreted as Google indirectly suing Apple. If anything, Google is letting Motorola protect its intellectual property because those patents will one day belong to Google.

Source: Cult Of Android

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