Motorola urged to put $2.7 billion in Mobile patent suit

Motoraola Apple lawsuit

As reported earlier, Motorola has sued Apple for US $2.7 Billion. Motorola had accused Apple of patent infringements.

The lawsuit is in relation to MobileMe and iCloud patents.

However, now the lawyers representing Apple feel that US $2.7 Billion for a potential injunction on Apple may not be the real number.

In a Mannheim, Germany, court Apple told the court that if court were to rule in Motorola’s favor and grant a temporary German ban on the sale of Apple products violating Motorola’s email syncing patent (devices that use MobileMe and iCloud, like the iPhone and iPad), $2.7 billion is the amount of money Apple could lose as a result.

Lawyer Florian Mueller notes that the judge was a little skeptical about where Apple got that number and suspected the company was rounding a little high.

Source: Giga Om

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