OS X Mountain Lion Coming On July 25?

OS X Mountain Lion

OS X Mountain Lion is Apple’s next large update to their Mac computer operating system. This update will bring over 200 new features to the Mac.

Among these features, important ones are some new applications, Notification Center, Reminders new Safari and dictation. Announced by Apple to come out this summer, OS X Mountain Lion will be a digital download from the Mac App Store for all Mac OS X Lion and Mac OS X Snow Leopard users for $19.99.

The Operating System (OS) is currently in its Golden Master state, which is the version just before the public release. In this release, all the last bit of bugs are hopefully eradicated.

It has been out to developers for about a week. Soon, the final release will be live in the Mac App Store so everyone can enjoy all of its goodies. Apple has also recently informed all application developers that now they should start submitting their Mountain Lion applications for review to the Mac App Store.

July is half-gone now. Thus, the release must be available in near future. Citing a report by 9to5Mac, Apple Stores are planning overnights on Tuesday, 24 July 2012. Possibly, this is an indication that Apple could be planning a July 25th release for the new OS. The 25 July 2012 is a Wednesday.

Time is closing in quickly and this interesting event is occurring just in time for the release window of OS X Mountain Lion. Hence, it is justified to expect something big to happen in near future. Apple will need to work on getting all their in-store demo machines up to date with the new Mac operating system as this will bring an up-to-date feel for their products among customers. All of this has to be done while the stores do not have customers in them for it to be done efficiently. Thus, it cannot be done during normal business hours.

If the rumors are to be believed, Apple waited until the almost the very last minute to release the OS because it means they have been working hard with developers to make sure the release is stable for Mac users.

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