Mountain Lion Developer Preview Changes File Renaming Options

Mountain Lion File Renaming

While working on Mac OS X, some people find it irritating when they try to open a file from an app and try to either make a duplicate of an original or rename the file.

With Lion and previous versions of OS X, to do that, one would have to have to close the “Open” dialog, open a Finder window, make the name change, and then go back to the dialog. AppleInsider noted recently that the Mountain Lion developer preview has added some changes that will eliminate this pesky issue.

Mountain Lion is now including “new and improved” Save and Open dialogs that will let users rename files from the dialog. Trip to the Finder will not be required anymore. With a double-click on the name, it becomes editable in the dialogs, just the way you see in the Finder now.

Thanks to new changes, files can also be renamed from the title bar of apps. The Versions pulldown currently displays options to lock, duplicate, revert to last saved version, or browse all versions. In Mountain Lion, the pulldown has been changed and now it has added options like Rename, Move to iCloud, and Move To items.

Mountain Lion File Renaming

This maybe a small change to the operating system but it is definitely something most Mac users wanted for long.

Source: TUAW

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