OS X Mountain Lion Adding Offline Safari Reading List Mode And Dictation To Mac

Mountain Lion

Since Apple’s last developer update of OS X Mountain Lion, several new features including hints of automatic app downloads have been discovered in the next-generation operating system.

The discoveries are still coming up, with signs of two new features: offline Reading List mode and iOS-like dictation.

Gear Live has highlighted the offline reading list option. This is an augmentation of the Safari bookmarking feature that debuted in OS X Lion and syncs saved articles across devices. Gear Live noticed that a warning screen in Safari on OS X Mountain Lion indicates that articles saved to Reading List are available for viewing even when the user’s Mac is not connected to the Internet.

While troubleshooting a home network issue today, I stumbled upon a new feature that Apple is introducing in OS X Mountain Lion. […]

When you aren’t connected to a network and pull up Safari, you get a message that tells you that you aren’t connected to the Internet, but that your “Reading List articles are available for viewing while you are offline.”

Safari Offline

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac has reported that a keyboard shortcut listing in the latest build of OS X Mountain Lion suggests that built-in dictation capabilities will also come to the Mac. Such capabilities debuted as part of Siri on the iPhone 4S, with only the dictation portion making its way into the third-generation iPad released earlier this year.

According to a resources file inside of the latest build of Safari in the newest seed of the upcoming OS X Mountain Lion, Dictation might be making its way to Macs next. Since Macs do not sport virtual keyboards or physical keyboards with a microphone-labled key, users (by default) will apparently need to simultaneously click both command keys to start voice input.

Mountain Lion Dictation

No other evidence of dictation or other Siri-like features has yet been discovered in OS X Mountain Lion. However, Apple continues to work on the next-generation operating system.It will issue an extensive preview of it at next month’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco.

Source: Mac Rumors

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