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Steve Jobs

Making movies on the life of cult leaders, corporate leaders and contemporary cultural icons is an old phenomenon. Years ago, Richard Attenborough made the movie, “Gandhi”, on the Indian freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. Recently, Tom Hooper made “The King’s Speech” about the stammering problem of King George VI, the king of England during World War II. David Fincher made The Social Network, telling the story of the foundation of Facebook. When Barack Obama became the first Black President of United States, plans started rolling in the chambers of a big production studio of Hollywood about making a movie on his life, with Will Smith essaying the role of Obama.

Days after the world lost a visionary and genius due to the sad demise of Steve Jobs, Sony Pictures are working to acquire rights to make a movie on a biography of Steve Jobs, written by Walter Issacson.

Today Apple gives credit to the wisdom, intellect and business acumen of Jobs that enabled them to hit the sky in the world of technology, gadgets, softwares and more. For years, Jobs remained the brain behind various Apple products and unleashed a new horizon in the world of technology.

Celebrities, icons and leaders from various fields mourned the death of Jobs and shows that visionaries like Jobs are born, not made.

How the movie would be made and how much will it inspire the youth of today to be innovative and hard-working? Only time can tell. Are you ready for a movie on jobs and which actor would you like to see portraying Jobs? Tell us in the comments section below.

Source: MacRumors

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