Mozilla To Bring A Web Browser To iPad

The video you saw on this page is a presentation from Mozilla. The lead presenter at this presentation implies that Apple’s Mobile Safari on the iPad is e a terrible excuse for a Web browser because it looks just like Apple sucked Safari out of a Mac and placed it right onto the iPad screen.

The presenter also thinks that Mozilla is capable of offering a browser that takes better advantage of the large iPad canvas – including the retina display.

It appears that Mozilla has been working on a browser for the iOS platform, but only on the iPad. The browser is demonstrated in the presentation. It is a full-screen browser that gets rid of the redundant tabs and other objects that make us feel like we have to clean up after ourselves when we finish using our browser. According to the staff presenting at the Mozilla presentation, you would not even think about cleaning up after yourself because of the way the browser is designed.

There are also some conveniently placed buttons on the left and right of the iPad. On these buttons, you can expect to have your thumbs as you hold the device. These buttons make it easy to go backward or to move forward through the Internet. These buttons are in a much different location than we would expect in most traditional Web browsers, which are usually at the top of the screen away from the Web content.

Unfortunately, due to the restrictions of the App Store, the browser still would not perform as fast as Mobile Safari because it cannot implement one of Mozilla’s engines that the desktop version of the browser has. Instead, it will be based upon Web-kit. As we can also probably infer from being made available in the App Store, the new iPad browser would not be an open source browser capable of having many different add-ons and extensions installed like we can do on the desktop version.

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