Munster predicts, Android to overtake iPad

Analyst Gene Munster says the iPad will keep selling in huge numbers, but won’t be able to hold onto its domination of the tablet market.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster even predicts that they will eventually overtake the iPad, despite its head start. “Ultimately, we think that Apple won’t have the majority of the (tablet) market share, “as state by Munster. “It’ll probably be with Android-based tablets.” While other projections see Apple selling 45 million iPads next year, Munster thinks 20-25 million is a more likely.

If Android models want to possibly outsell iPad then there is only one way, that’s by producing a device that does everything it does and more for a significantly lower price. However, there are lowball tablets out there but none seem to be of very high quality or have the backing of a major brand name. The tabs being offered or planned by the big names are all higher in price than the iPad.

All this adds up to iPad dominating the market for the near future, at least. Possibly much longer, unless the non-Apple companies figure out a way to match or exceed Apple’s record of innovation.


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