Murdoch’s iPad tabloid to hit the floor soon

Here, the existing titles craw to get their apps ready for the iTunes store and publishers tiff with Apple over subscriptions but one media mogul is trying an entirely new idea. According to a report at, NesCorp’s Rupert Murdoch is planning the launch of a news tabloid designed expressly for the tablet format. The name of this tab is the Daily Planet.

Former NY Post editors Jesse Angelo and Richard Johnson are already working on the title, which is currently projected to launch in December.

Well it is an interesting concept. Hope “tabloid,” they mean lots of current news and gossip being constantly updated. Readers have become spoiled by the 24/7 coverage provided by blogs like Perez Hilton and news/gossip sites like TMZ and RadarOnline. They aren’t going to be interested in a newspaper that’s static and doesn’t offer the news as it happens—with videos and other interactive features, of course.


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