Music and iPod blast in Tokyo train.

Beware something might be burning around you when people sitting beside you is tapping his or her feet to the music of an iPod. Suddenly there was a hassle in a train in Tokyo when it came to a halt for eight minutes. Why? The only reason was an iPod.

Japan might be pretty familiar with iPods heating up, burning and blasting as 60 incidences have taken place of that sort as claimed by the Trade Ministry of Japan.

When the railway authority, who are very vigil at their work, came to take the inspection of the train they found a girl coming out to them with an iPod which was burned.

In Ohio, a similar case was spotted where Apple was sued by the mother of a 15 year old boy, when his iPod exploded in his pocket.

But to everything Apple has an answer. Apple has blamed such incidents on a supplier of its batteries.
It’s high time for Apple to look into the matter of iPods being blasting like crackers or their high prolific business in the market may catch the fire of lose in the sales graph.

It’s an urge to people not to leave their children alone with the electronic gadgets and when you take those things for use make sure you don’t keep them near your face or other parts of the body which may cause serious injuries, if they explode.


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