Music streaming Spotify app now available for Windows Phone 6

Now mobile music streaming app Spotify is available on the Windows Phone 6 platform after the iOS, Android and Symbian brings. The app provides free, unlimited music streaming in an ad-supported interface and even an ad-free experience for a monthly fee, which also includes mobile access to the service.

Windows Phone 6 will include features such as listening to entire tracks and albums, streaming over Wi-Fi or 2.5/3G. Moreover, while running an app in the background, you can download playlists, favorite tracks and also wireless synchronization with your local files

The new mobile platform from Microsoft is expecting to be available on October 21. Hopeful that it will bring a completely new UI and thorough integration with social networking services such as Facebook, as well as Microsoft’s other services like Bing and Xbox Live.

[Via- mashable]

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