My Grandma Reads Me Books [Review]

Remember the days when grandma would read books to you and you would sleep peacefully to the warmth of he voice? But today with less time to spare for the kiddies we hardly have time to read to them. In this day and age comes an interesting and helping app “My Grandma Reads Me Books”.
The app has a recorded story called “My Grandma Reads Me Books”. The story is as beautiful as the beautiful illustrations. They are beautiful paintings used as backdrop for the story. The music alongside is peaceful and soothing as well.

You can record the story in your own voice for when you aren’t around .you could also have other family members to record the stories in their voices. Though there is only one pre-recorded story that comes with the app you could record other stories as well. There are five more slots to fill up different other stories that you can record or the same story in different voices. The drawback being the story with illustrations on the display is “My Grandma Reads Me Books”. Which hardly is a drawback considering your kid is going to listen to your recorded voice and not read the story.

Apart from the book there is a maze game as well comprising of 3 levels . It will engage your kid thoroughly. It is a learning game ,teaches the kid eye-to-hand coordination and helps them to learn to grandma reads me books
The fun doesn’t end there. There’s a color book which has a story in it as well. Plus the color book is engaging on its own with beautiful images. The music along side through the app is soothing and every time you tap the colors to select for filling in the pictures it makes a musical sound.
The app is very engaging for the kid during the day and for the bedtime. I wish my parents had an Ipad for me when I was a kid.


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