My iPad belongs to ‘The beau monde’, what about yours? [Accessory reanimated]

It seems iPad has got legs to sit on a chain. It’s very interesting to know that iPad now has a base to relax on. I feel nice when I find a comfortable seat to sit on. Though the iPad won’t feel it when his master mount it on the chair but yes surely will please its master.

The iPad chair is designed by Elite Home Theatre. The chair will give you a feel as if you are sitting on a European sports car opposite to your iPad. It has lumbar support, elbow positioning and the seat with cushion. In front of you would be the little tablet staring at you from his new avatar, the Luxa2 H4 iPad holder. It is attached to the chair and holds your device with six rubber pins. The holder can be moved horizontally, vertically, 360 degree angle and even can position it like a chair.

Don’t you think you should bring home the chair for your iPad so that it has a proper place to rest on? Bring home the chair it will help you not to go searching for your device here and there. Prices start at US$2,495

Thanks for the [eliteness] 🙂

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