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Few months ago, a guy made news for his tax management and was named as the smartest tax manager in United States. He used keep and account of every purchase and payment he made and according to him, that enabled him to pay as less income tax as Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would permit.

You may think that planning your expenses and payments is not an easy thing. It may not be as everybody is not too good in mathematics. But what if you get a software that would help you plan your budget and expanses just the way a calculator makes it easy for you to make complicated calculations. You guessed it right! There is a software, thanks to FrobishaDigital.

MyBudgeteer ScreenshotMyBudgeteer is a new app that enables you to calculate and plan your expanses and manage your budget concerning the payments related to all important transactions you are planning to make. With this app you can track and see all your expenses. You can compare them with your budget and based on your commands and settings, you can have a permanently updated analysis on monthly and yearly basis.

Let us take a look at the important features of MyBudgeteer:

1. You can make an annual budget for any expense or income on the basis of a fixed annual amount or variable amount for each month.
2. You can add non-budgeted expenses or income.
3. You can include sub-plots in each expense or income.
4. There is a feature to plan and check monthly oe annual balances, savings and projections.
5. All reports, monthly or annual, are exportable in CSV file format.
6. Passcode protection is possible. Nobody can see your expenses.
7. MyBudgeteer uses localized currency of iPhone.
8. You can use this app in English or Portuguese.

So far MyBudgeteer, has been successfully tested on iPhone 4 and 3GS with iOS 5 and iOS 4.3.

The visuals of this app are so amusing that they would remind you of some statistical chart that you usually see on some digital screen of Wall Street.

So are you ready to save tax by planning your budget more efficiently? What is your opinion about MyBudgeteer? Discuss your expectations and experienced benefits in the comments section below.

Click here to buy and download MyBudgeteer.

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