Neither coffee nor tea but only iPad like entertainment

Recently one airline has found a novel way to keep passengers amused on long flights, for less than the cost of a cocktail. Well I am sure many passengers will thumbs up this new idea.
One low-cost airline has debuted a gadget to help passengers while away the hours. Iceland Express is offering this iPad-like device loaded with “movies, TV shows, childbirth’s programmes , documentaries, music and games.” The price is right but you will be account to pay $5.60 if you are going to use your own headphone during one flight. Well I can it is cheaper than paying for first-class.

There can be one time you really need in-flight entertainment in your long flight, unless if you are one of the lucky souls who can sleep soundly while airborne. May be you’re going to get bored after the first overpriced drink and sack of peanuts. Low-cost airlines are favorites for their thrifty fares, but one of the amenities they tend to skip is putting those neat little in-flight entertainment screens on the seat in front of you.

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