New Airsnap Protects your Airpods

the AirSnap, as reported is made from a supple and full grain leather which forms around the AirPods thereby giving it a very perfect fit. One would have to put a slight effort to stretch it in order to snap shut the case that is how tight the fit is even though, overtime it is likely to loosen because of its nature as a ‘leather’. Also as a result of consistent use, one should expect the AirSnap to change in color as well because the more you use it, it develops a patina.

The Air Snap is priced at about $29.99 and can be purchased from the Twelve South website at that price. Just so you know, Twelve South has made the AirSnap in black, deep teal and in cognac colors that matches its iPhone case lineup. So in case you are looking for a matching look, it is quite possible with the AirSnap and a Twelve South Case.

The features of the AirSnap are;
• The main pouch the AirPods fit into
• A snap closure that protects the case
• A loop at the top, for a mental swivel clip
• 2 slits at the back A cutout at the bottom (for the Lightning port) that enables charging while the AirPods in the case.
• An AirSnap logo behind it.

As a result of the cutout for the lightning port, which can be pulled back to get to the AirPod inside the AirSnap, there would be no need to remove the case of the AirPods from the AirSnap. Since one can leave his AirPods case inside the AirSnap which is absolutely convenient.

Meanwhile, the AirSnap protects the AirPods from scratches, the clip at the top of the AirSnap keeps the AirPods from not getting lost inside a bag, and the AirSnap also prevents the AirPods from getting dirty inside a bag or a pocket because of its protective cover. However it is important to note that, the Twelve South’s AirSnap as a result of its marketing materials and images, shows that the AirPods can be clipped onto the outside of the bag. But one must be careful because the AirPods normally has a shape that makes it easily recognized unfortunately; this is not hidden by the AirSnap which may likely invite theft.

The clip is also useful as it’s easy to grasp, for finding the AirPods in a mess of other items in a bag or for attaching it to a bag as it’s also locatable. The stitching also looks great, the snapping mechanism is quite secure and very simple to use, and the Lightning port cutout offers very easy charging access.

It is expected however, that the AirSnap will work with the wireless AirPods charging case that’s set to come out alongside the AirSnap. It’s presumed to be using the Qi wireless charging, which is also able to work through cases as iPhones and other smartphones have demonstrated.