New App Claiming Full Siri Functionality In iPhone 4

For past few months many hackers and jailbreaking experts tried to make Siri work in the devices released before iPhone 4S.

There were various news reports and online videos in this regard. Then came the news that Apple had tried to test Siri with older devices but Siri did not work.

A hacker proved Apple wrong by claiming that most of the Siri features worked in iPhone 4, leaving Apple puzzled. Apple decided to test Siri on iPhone 4 once again. Apple had declared that older Apple devices would not carry Siri.

Then came another hacker who claimed that Siri may not work on other devices as well as it did on iPhone 4S, it did work on iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4S has two microphones while iPhone 3GS had one. Thus, Siri could not take voice commands the way it took them in iPhone 4S. However, some features of Siri did work in iPhone 3GS.

Now it seems that full functionality of Siri on older Apple devices might become a reality soon as there is a new app that claims to grant full functionality to Siri in iPhone 4. Known as H1Siri, this app is a jailbreak utility which recently became available at Cydia recently. This app has been developed by a team of Chinese hackers called CD-Dev Team. Their servers are down right now.

H1Siri is different from Siri0us. Siri0us cannot do everything that Siri can while H1Siri makes the whole Siri functional on iPhone 4 with GSM or CDMA. Also required are iOS 5 or iOS 5.0.1.

You have to open Cydia, select “Manage” tab, Sources, Edit, and then you should add the link “” to your Cydia Sources. After that you should do a search on H1Siri. You would be warned that various illegal softwares are here. And most of them come from unknown sources and unknown people.

Though, it remains to be seen whether H1Siri can really grant full Siri functionality on older Apple devices, some users claim online that it can. However, some prominent developers claim that H1Siri uses copyrighted binaries from iPhone 4S. This hack is illegal and you should remember that you knowingly send your personal data like text messages or call data through unknown servers that may record your activity.

Source: iDownload Blog

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