New Apple iMac touchscreen testing underway

Early it was a rumors that Apple are currently working on a touchscreen iMac but here comes the latest update about the testing going on and Apple and the manufacturers will go with. It had been assumed that such a device would launch this year, but now only have a few months left in 2010 so a release is looking less likely as the days, weeks and months pass by.

Sam Oliver from Apple Insider found an interesting article on DigiTimes, where Sintek Photronics sent off some samples of some new hardware to Apple so that they could run tests; it is thought that these capacitive touch panels will be used as the touchscreen panels for the all-in-on iMac.

It was also reported that the panel size will start at 20-inches, but it is not certain if they will go up to the 27-inch size of one of their other displays. Even the diagram on Apple Insider you can clearly see that the device has a unique viewing angle, and will also tilt up and down


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