New Apple Music features added in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15


A new Apple Music feature is out with the hopes to come in iOS 13 and macOS 10.14. With an exact match to comply is Apple Music vs. Spotify having the feel about both services looking really good. Hence there are both services which come amazes with a few things, spending time with both services and hard to look at Apple Music vs Spotify depending on your circumstances.

Hence questions to arise as follows:

Do any kind of support is what you require from Apple Watch? Do you have a native Apple TV app? Do you buy a HomePod or planning to have one? If the answer is yes then go with Apple Music.

Do any preference is provided for playlists over the complete albums? Do anyone know anything about Amazon Echo support? Is there any Sonos system looking for? If yes, one can go with Spotify picking the best for you.

New Apple Music Features

Apple Music in 2015 released is where Apple continues tinkering and tweaking with overall Apple Music design. Hence a recent addition is one appreciates “pre-release” where content shows with its release date.

With new tracks added is with a pre-release of an album, moves up with the top “Recently Added” in the list. With minor tweaks where Apple make experiences better. Hence, there are some additional things where Apple changes the future.

Redesigned For You

With one to being considered a much for love is, with the idea For You tab uses it. The complaint hence to Spotify, macOS app, loads For You tab with a lot longer on the Spotify app. Thus with MacBook Pro with 16 GB of RAM, taking 5–6 seconds populates the data. Why can’t this pre-cache data due to initial launch? The iOS app is not better in my experience. Hence the Music app is with whom I wait for 5–6 seconds is for that tab to load.

With one needing to redesign a more look such as Spotify on the screen, appreciates Spotify with the context.

On a Monday morning, a playlist thus help me get moving, occasionally installed Spotify, an Apple Music feels a bit stale with recommendations. The For You tab do not recommend until four rows down the list where one never has a spot on as Spotify’s advice.

While Spotify playlists motivate on a Monday morning, recommends Pure Throwback. “For You” a smarter, and more context redesign shows more on the screen at the time. A new Apple Music features added in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, redesigns For You tab on my list being high.

New and Upcoming Section

Apple Music has struggled with building bridges where a library has new and upcoming work. The browser settings had a section where For You or the Browse tab with a new and upcoming content in my library from artists. Thus with a rely-third party in mind is to date on new material.

For You, released a section, where there is a laughable tends with how bad the situation is. Thus one must note albums in my library. When I have a new Apple Music, alerts get switched reliable and is a must.

Collaboration on Playlists

With a friend whom one switches entire family to Apple Music, spends years on Spotify. The very first complaint with lack of collaboration is on playlists, having a low hanging fruit for Apple with the next release of iOS and macOS. Thus the invitation is where the Family Sharing works where an iMessage allows people to “join” adding their content in the playlist.

Pin Albums, Playlists, and Radio Stations

Apple Music dominates Spotify, is a Library view. Hence with a feeling upon, Spotify, the weakest section is where one sees Apple adding the library allows me to “pinalbums, playlists, and radio stations to the top.

I’d love to pin the Americana Radio station and my New Music Mix to the top of my library with easy access. Outside that, the library view is perfect. I love tapping on an artist and along with seeing an album list.

On Spotify, there is a tapping where an artist in library hence shows a complete song list. I know this with the Shortcuts app with a widget, is the one which loves seeing it built-in.

Choose Launch Tab

One thing, I love with Apple Music is the ability choosing where the app launches with. Hence a future release of macOS and iOS redesigned with the ability to see the Music app starting with it.

Thus with the launch to Spotify, recommends playlists, popular playlists, and “Best of playlists” with most played artists where there is no reason of Apple Music cannot do the same.


Hence all the features as noted above, are a few of new apple music which has hopes seeing in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15. A few things to note of-course is, which we have missed? What else one like seeing as new Apple Music features in the coming years?