New Apple Products For The Holiday Season Available


The Apple Online Store has been closed for some time with the famous note: “We’ll be back soon,” but now Apple’s Hot News has revealed information about new products. As you could read earlier today, rumors have risen about upcoming Apple products, including redesigned iMacs, new polycarbonate MacBooks and Mac Minis, and those rumors are now clarified.

Apple has today announced the following:

Redesigned polycarbonate White MacBooks
Mac Minis
Magic Mouse


The new mouses are dubbed “Magic Mouse,” and it has been rumored for quite some time, that Apple was about to release new products, including a new mouse. Specially the iMac and MacBook has been mentioned, and appeared as a rumor more than one month ago, while evidence kept coming, but now the waiting time is over, and we can all enjoy our lunches with new apples. Stay tuned for more information on the new products.

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