New Apple TV Launching With iPad 3

Apart from the rumors of the launch of a new TV Set called iTV, the rumors of the launch of new Apple TV have started ever since, Apple TV hobby was pulled from the retail shelves and Apple’s online store.

According to some online reports, that the 2012 launch of Apple TV will coincide with iPad 3.

The new Apple TV is expected to support 1080p and run on a faster Central Processing Unit (CPU). There is a possibility that it might support Bluetooth 4.0 and maybe Siri. Nobody knows if Apps will finally come to the Apple TV. However, this single capability is likely to kill Smart TVs.

Apple has now officially confirmed that the iPad 3 will be unveiled on 7 March 2012. It seems that not just get a new iPad, we will also get a new Apple TV in March.

Source: i4U

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