Watch The New Christmas Themed Movie Starring iPhone 4S And Siri

Siri Holiday Horror Movie

Hello everyone! We hope all of you had a lovely Christmas.

This past Sunday was Christmas and we all enjoyed a lot with our friends and family.

When Christmas comes, TV channels start showing Christmas based movies like “The Grinch” and “Jingle All The Way”.

Those who wish to watch a movie when not enjoying with friends start scanning through their DVD collection to see what Christmas themed movies are there in their collection.

Do you want a new Christmas movie to watch?

We are showing you the trailer of new movie titled “Siri: The Holiday Horror Movie”. What if Siri in your iPhone becomes evil? This trailer shows you that. If you ask us whether this movie is real or when it is hitting cinemas, then sorry, we have no idea. Enjoy the trailer.

What are your imaginations of fantasies related to Siri? Tell us in the comments section. Hilarious or Horror! You decide what you call this Holiday Horror Movie of Siri and iPhone 4S.

Source: iDownload Blog

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