New Features You May See in Upcoming Facebook 3.1 for iPhone

The Facebook iPhone app is built by Facebook developer, Joe Hewitt. ReadWriteWeb recently talked to him and Hewitt briefly shared what we’ll see in the upcoming Facebook versions.

1. Push Notification
Hewitt plans to incorporate Push notification in the next version of Facebook app. Without launching the Facebook app, you will still get the same kind of notifications you get on the Facebook website. Chat notifications may also be added in the next version.

2. Saved, site-wide search
On Facebook website, you can search across all status messages, notes and shared links that users have marked as public. But you can’t do this kind of search on iPhone. Hewitt and the Facebook team are working hard to bring this feature to iPhone user in next version update. Also, talking about the search feature, you’ll be allowed to save a search to the home screen of Facebook app.

3. Contact list synchronization
You’re allowed to sync contacts between your Facebook friends’ list and the contact list on your iPhone. However, as Hewitt mentioned, technically it’s not difficult to implement. The problem is more on the Terms of Service.

Any other feature you’d like to see in the next version update of Facebook app? Feel free to leave us comment and let us know.

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