New iPad Accounts For 5% Of Total iPad Traffic On Web

iPad 2

Many analysts have predicted the new iPad would sell over a million units of the new tablet in the opening weekend. The new iPad out of Cupertino went on sale Friday, 16 March 2012.

While Apple has not sold out in its retail stores yet, demand for the new tablet is said to be high. New customers are especially interested in the iPad’s beautiful Retina display.

According to new numbers from advertising network Chitika, the new iPad accounts for 5% of all iPads that are currently rummaging through the Internet.

iPad sales Chitika

The ad network explained how they come up with the numbers. However, in short they track the new iPad’s growth in 12-hour segments. Capturing 5% in its opening weekend perhaps indicates that Apple has sold over a million units of the new iPad.

Apple has anticipated the huge demand and made the necessary amount of units. The new iPad initially sold out online, pushing back the shipping time for some.

According to some analysts, Apple is on track to sell its 100 millionth iPad this year. It recently came off an explosive quarter, selling 15 million units of the iPad 2 and iPad combined.

Source: iDownload Blog

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