New iPad Will Be Available This Friday At 8 AM?

Apple Store Queue

iPad lovers have already pre-ordered the new iPad, as it is set to deliver and go on sale in-stores this Friday. Apple confirmed that the first wave of iPads are sold out and that demand for the new tablet is “off the charts”.

This past Monday on 12 March 2012, Apple revealed its plans to open its new Houston retail store this Friday, at 8 AM. Usually, Apple opens its stores at 10 AM. However, it made an exception this time. More than likely, this decision reveals that Apple will begin selling the new iPad in its stores Friday at 8AM.

Apple will have a limited number of iPads available in-store and is expected to sell out. Some devoted Apple fanboys have already started camping outside of stores in order to get their hands on the new iPad featuring Retina Display.

Last year, Apple did similar thing by opening its doors a bit early while releasing iPad 2. Apple did not allow customers to pre-order until the night before the launch of the new tablet. This year, Apple made pre-orders available the day the third-generation iPad was announced.

Shipping times for the new iPad have now slipped to 2-3 weeks. However, you should not be disheartened. If you are lucky, you might be able to grab one New iPad (also nicknamed as iPad 3) in-store on Friday.

Are you going to stand in queue this Friday to get your hands on new iPad? Post your comments.

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