New iPad Maybe Named As iPadHD Instead Of iPad 3

iPad HD

With the launch of iPad 3 less than 24 hours away, another rumor has surfaced claiming that Apple has plans to step away from the numerical naming convention with the next iPad and introduce the iPad HD this Wednesday, 7 March 2012.

CNET cited a source who has provided “reliable information” about unreleased Apple products in past. The source claimed that Apple will not use the much-anticipated “iPad 3” namesake and name their latest tablet as “iPad HD.”

Earlier, VentureBeat had published a similar report claiming Apple will drift from the traditional naming scheme in an effort to emphasize the new high-resolution “Retina Display.” The “iPad HD” rumors complimented the pictures of an “A5X” processor that surfaced last week. The pictures of the non-A6 processor have also fueled the speculation about Apple’s intention to introduce an incremental upgrade instead of a true successor.

Accessory list leaked from Belkin and Griffin indicated that the manufacturers were using the iPad HD name instead of iPad 3 as well. The HD naming convention could be Apple’s intermediate update name for future iPad releases, similar to the “S” in recent iPhone models like the 3GS and 4S.

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