New iPad Owners Experiencing Overheating Issues?

New iPad

The New iPad finally found its way to consumers on 16 March 2012. After the weekend, people started noticing an issue with Apple’s newest tablet.

Many users are complaining at MacRumors forums and Apple support forums, claiming that the lower left-hand corner of their new iPad gets warm, or even extremely hot in some cases.

The new iPad has not just a larger battery but a faster and larger processing chip as well. Thus, the device getting a bit warm is not out of the ordinary, since it is to be expected with any tablet or cellular device.

At the moment, there is no definite reason to why some users are experiencing these overheating issues with the new iPad. It could be the new LTE chipset or even the new larger battery that Apple has implemented. Apple has not commented on the reports so far.

Have you experienced this with your new iPad? Share your experience with us.

Source: iDownload Blog

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