New iPad to launch at right time and with right price

According to the blog Engadget, the Apple iPad will make an appearance at the budget fixed on Oct. 3, notably in time for Christmas shopping. At that time even Samsung will be rolling out its Galaxy Tab in Europe and the United States. It looks likely there can be some up and down.

It seems the price may appears to be $599.99, which seems strange for a well-known discount store like Target but who knows the store could plan a major discount in the coming months, most likely just before or on Black Friday.

The innovative device with its user-friendly, touchscreen interface and long battery life make it an enticing buy for sales professionals and anyone dealing with the public. Now with an iOS 4.2 upgrade, the iPad will be ready for everyday clerical use with file sharing, wireless printing, and multitasking.

I fell many iPad lovers are already anticipating about the new, smaller iPad which some hope will include FaceTime and front- and rear-facing cameras and that would be useful for office videoconferencing. Many user hopes for more than 256MB of memory and a slimmer, lighter design that would make it more competitive in the computer tablet market.


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