Two New iPhone 4S Commercials Featuring John Malkovich

John Malkovich iPhone 4S

After getting Samuel L Jackson endorse iPhone 4S, Apple has recently aired two new television commercials promoting the iPhone 4S.

This time popular actor John Malkovich, who starred in hit movies such as “Of Mice and Men”, is shown using the iPhone 4S.

The two commercials have followed the trend of previously aired iPhone 4S commercials, all of which show off the highlight of the device: Siri. The first commercial titled “Joke” highlights Siri finding the weather, getting calendar information, searching restaurants nearby, and last but not least, telling a joke (hence the title). The advertisement can be seen below:

Upon the release of the iPhone 4S, Apple’s focus on promoting Siri has witnessed positive results. The sales have reflected the success of the current iPhone and Siri has proven to be a big hit among consumers since its debut.

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