New “iphone” unveiled in Brazil, Runs Android!

There is a new iphone launched officially in Brazil. But wait, it doesn’t run iOS 6, apple’s latest operating system. In fact it runs android.

The Associated Press reports that Brazilian consumer electronics maker Gradiente has begun marketing a device under the iphone brand after being granted the exclusive right to use the trademark in Brazil through 2018.Screen Shot 2012-12-21 at 10.34.24 AM

The company has apparantly achieved this feat of sorts by filing its application with the Brazilian trademark office long before Cupertino ever released its first smart phone. Gradiente had applied for the mark way back in 2000.

Apple needn’t worry, however, as Gradiente’s iphone is itself not all that revolutionary. The device, which retails for 599 Brazilian Real (around $291/£179) and bears the rather long name “Smartphone linha G Gradiente iphone, modelo Neo One GC 500,” appears to be the same thing as an earlier model that Gradiente marketed simply as the Neo One GC 500. The only thing that has changed is the branding. The device is a 3G UMTS mobile based on a 700MHz single-core ARM processor with 2GB of RAM running Android 2.3.4 “Gingerbread”. At 320-by-480 pixels.

There has been no official word from Apple regarding this development.

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