New iTunes Match Subscriptions Halted In UK

iTunes Match iCloud

Are you ready to sync your music collection without going through the hassles of searching and arranging it? Are you glad to see iTunes Match and iCloud services? If you live in UK, you are in for a disappointment. At least for now.

iTunes Match had been launched internationally on Thursday, 15 December 2011. However, the service is very popular and subscriptions have already been closed. May users immediately signed up. However, many new users greeted with a message stating: “iTunes Match is temporarily not accepting new subscribers. Check back later.”

Subscriptions have apparently been halted in the UK and Canada so far. American customers had also faced a similar situation earlier in the year when the service launched in United States.

iTunes Match, can scan your music library and matches music you may have against their own collection on the iTunes store. Anything that gets matched is available immediately on iCloud across all your iOS devices. If you have some songs or albums that Apple does not have, you can upload those to their servers separately. The fee for this service is £21.99 a year.

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