New Malware Can Access Your Jailbroken iPhone

Earlier this week, we mentioned that the first known worm attack on iPhones has been released, but it does no harm. Today though, security firm Intego reports that a new iPhone malware has been spotted, and unlike Monday’s worm attack, this can actually access personal information on your iPhone.

The newly spotted malware can, like the worm from Monday, only access jailbroken iPhones and iPod Touches with default SSH passwords, but Intego states that the risk of the malware is “low”, and it doesn’t install anything on the iPhone.

Hackers using this tool will install it on a computer – Mac, PC, Unix or Linux – then let it work. It scans the network accessible to it, and when it finds a jailbroken iPhone, breaks into it, then steals data and records it.

This hacker tool could easily be installed, for example, on a computer on display in a retail store, which could then scan all iPhones that pass within the reach of its network. Or, a hacker could sit in an Internet café and let his computer scan all iPhones that come within the range of the wifi network in search of data. Hackers could even install this tool on their own iPhones, and use it to scan for jailbroken phones as they go about their daily business.

If you haven’t jailbroken your iPhone, you can relax because you’re out of the danger zone.

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