Apple Drops New Mountain Lion Server Build For Developers

Mountain Lion Server Build

After releasing the Mountain Lion Developer Preview update, Apple has released a new seed of Mountain Lion Server. Unlike some Mount Lion preview updates, which showed up in Software Update on Macs running the previous developer previews, Apple chose to make this update visible in the Apple Developer Center website.

Members of Apple’s developer program can login at developer website and get a redemption code for the update. That redemption code then offers up the new preview in the Mac App Store.

The difference in approach is most likely to be related to Apple’s repositioning of OS X Server. Beginning with Lion’s release last summer, Apple stopped shipping OS X Server as a separate product. Instead it began offering it as an add-on that could be downloaded and installed on any Mac running Lion.

That install cost $49.99 and installed the Server app onto a Mac. Server app can then be used to download and install most Lion Server components. It can also be used to administer a remote server. Lion Server’s advanced admin tools are a separate free download from Apple’s support site. The codebase for OS X and OS X Server has been largely identical since the first OS X release over a decade ago.

Apple seems to be following that strategy with Mountain Lion, which would account for the company delivering this developer preview as a separate Mac App Store product. It seems a foregone the conclusion that the redemption code will work only on Macs running the most recent developer preview of Mountain Lion as a result.

There have been various reports about Apple beginning to shift away OS X Server away from its enterprise roots and repositioning it as small business solution. Mountain Lion Server is almost certain to follow in Lion Server’s lead. Thus, it is reasonable to expect that Apple will beef up some of the small business features.

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