New Mozilla Update Fixes Crash On Mac OS X


After after offering gesture support to Mac OS X Lion, Mozilla are back with a new update, related to the latest version of Firefox.

Not just for Firefox, this one is for your convenience while using it on Mac.

If you are upset about your Mac crashing, then smile as your problem will be solved now.

Mozilla has released an update, aiming to fix a bug that was causing the browser to crash on Linux, Mac, and Windows systems.

Firefox 9.0.1 was released this past Wednesday on 21 December 2011. Users wondered and kept guessing what the update was for. Mozilla did not specify in the 9.0.1 release notes why the update was needed or what was its importance. However, developers claim that the update was prompted by crash reports, primarily those from Mac users. Such crashed caused when the users ran certain add-on toolbars. That is why, Mozilla’s developers removed a patch to fix this bug. That patch had applied in version 9.0.

Alex Keybl, an engineering project manager from Mozilla’s release team, said that the Firefox 9.0.1 was built with bug 708572 backed out. He continued to say that Mozilla pushed Firefox 9.0.1 for all platforms. Although, developers at Mozilla thought that Windows was unaffected, they still decided to move forward with Windows->9.0.1.

The new update from Mozilla came just 30 days after Firefox 8.0.1 was released on November 21. The crashes were traced to an Apple update of Java earlier that month. Crashes caused a high number of issues on the Mac OS X.

The users Firefox and those who updated to Firefox 9.0 before the 9.0.1 patch was applied can update their machine by hitting “About Firefox” from the Firefox menu (on a Mac) or “About Firefox” from the Help men under the Firefox button (on a PC). After this step, they would have to approve the new version’s installation after it downloads. Remaining procedure would be similar as the procedure of the installation of earlier updates.

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  1. p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }

    This step by Firefox will certainly
    lead to a smile for Mac users who were just fed up by the frequent
    Mozilla Firefox crashes. With feature like this Firefox can really
    become a favourite browser for Macintosh.


  2. Thank you for telling. When it was released, there was no such problem like that. I think very soon some news would come on this issue.

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