iOS 6 Adds New Safari Error Page

iOS 6 new Safari error

Apple is making many changes to its amazing mobile operating system (iOS) in both functionality and also in cosmetic appearance. That includes the user interface, versatile status bar colors, and even the metallic knobs that are sensitive to how you hold the device in three-dimensional space.

Another small change that has been noticed is that Mobile Safari now has its own page for when it fails to open a Web page. Earlier, when there was a problem in opening the web-page, Safari would prompt you letting you know that the browser was unable to open a Web page either due to a failing internet connection or due to a server being down. The new change to the browser helps illustrate Apple’s attention to particularly small details, which helps to make iOS 6 a fun operating system to use.

The new error indicator has been shown on this page with a great-looking non-alert appearance style that is less obtrusive than the old method. This is because the old alert method would require the users’ attention to dismiss the alert before they could get on with their Internet browsing experience. With the new design, a user can automatically get right back to trying to load the page again or he/she can try loading a different page.

The new error message style is same as that of the Safari Web browser for Mac OS X. Although it uses the square iOS application icon engraving style instead of the round Mac OS X style application icon that is shown in the Mac OS X version of the browser when a page cannot be loaded. Now the title bar now displays, “cannot open page” instead of saying “untitled” when a page does not open.

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