New Suzhou and Eastview Apple stores to be opened for iPhone-XS and Apple Watch Series-4 customers

The sale of iPhone XS comes into existence where there is Apple Watch Series 4 getting today which is celebrated a launch with its largest product with retail stores. Hence Apple Suzhou has the company with 505th store opened at its doors for the first time overnight in China with its enthusiastic crowd. Thus, with the fans getting lined up their hands on the latest iPhones – is the one among the first to explore with a massive new store. Hence United States, Victor, New York, it was a similar treatment being made admittedly modest store at the Eastview Mall.

Apple Suzhou

Thus with a hard-to-miss factor being positioned at the entrance with Suzhou Center Mall is where one was outlined by massive sheets with curved glass. Behind the store towers Gate to the East, where there is a skyscraper with the focal point being shown as a city on the banks of Jinji Lake. With the tower’s arched frame has naturally been at the guides of your eye to the Apple’s space below.

Hence, 600 brands join Apple at Suzhou’s largest mall opened last November. With the city being grown increasingly affluent and business hub demanding for retail space is being followed. Thus with the residents watching closely and documented with the same is with the construction of a new store with Apple even remained silent on the matter until this month earlier.

Since there is construction with barriers being fell down with stark red wrappings embossed having a silver Apple logo getting teased where the store is imminent. Hence there is a grand opening with the date being left to speculation since September 12th where Apple announced the iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4 which goes in for sales on the same day.

Hence with Apple Suzhou being the company with the second store to open in China in 2018 after Apple Cotai Central in June. With the store getting offered as an entirely distinct layout where there is a dramatically different atmosphere of both which we can manage to retain a cohesive brand identity which will instantly get recognized to anyone being familiar with contemporary Apple stores.

Thus with a towering ceiling loft the main floor above where the store is split vertically near the back by the angled balcony extended like a canopy over the Forum’s Video Wall. Thus with the Tables reserved for support and service being overlooked below here is the access to Suzhou Center Mall’s interior corridor which is provided by a curved glass entryway being at the rear of the store.

Thus with other recent and significant stores where Apple has added signature design elements where indoor like trees having a private and luxuriously furnished Boardroom for meetings where there is a similar style to the recently opened Apple Koyoto in Japan gets a stunning staircase of carved stone handrails.

Apple Eastview

With the contrast at Suzhou’s grandiose arrival, one has to note quietly nestled since July 2005. Hence with the original store opened with a typical similar indoor mall store where there is an era with a stainless steel panelled entrance, with tiled floor, and narrow floor capped by small Genius Bar and hence there is an archival Flickr album which also gets online today has the store original appearances.

Thus by remodelling the outgoing store, Apple chose with a move altogether with a larger location down the hallway in the same mall. With just three days ago, the move to the new 9000 sq ft. space is being made official on Apple’s website with the following months of construction.