New Tweak To Enable Tweeting With Siri

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Ever since Siri gained popularity after the release of iPhone 4S, Twitter addicts wanted to find a way to tweet by using Siri.

Much to the disappointment of many Twitter users, the virtual assistant claimed that it could not post tweets. However, now here is a tweak called Sireet that would help you to post tweets by using Siri.

iOS developer Tyler Nettleton, better known as @InfectionFX on Twitter, has made a new tweak called Sireet which will allow users to tweet with Siri.

The concept behind the whole tweak is that users would be able to open Siri and say, “Tweet”. After saying “Tweet” the user would ay whatever message he/she would like to tweet. Once finished, Siri will say “Tweet Sent” to inform the user that the message has been successfully tweeted.

One day before the release of Sireet, following video was released as a teaser:

Do you have Sireet in your iPhone 4S? Did it enable Siri to post tweet? Post your comments and share your experience of using Sireet.

Source: Modmyi

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