New update for iPhone coming soon in UK: Apple

Even Steve Jobs and (the main US version of the site) say iOS 4.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is coming sometime “next week”.

Apple’s IPhone in the UK looks like they will get the IOS 4.1 update on September 8. The IOS 4.1 with more features like HDR picture support, HD video and TV show rentals, and a gaming center. Eventually with any update there is a performance boost and a few under the hood fixes like better Bluetooth, proximity sensor update, and more audio file types being supported.

When you get the IOS 4.2 update then you can print things to your wireless network, AirPlay, multitasking, better control over folders, find text on web pages, and better way to see your email.

You can download the iOS 4.1 Software Update available on september 8.


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