New Update For Snow Leopard Security Now Available

Mac OS X Snow Leopard Security Update

After releasing Mac OS X 10.7.3, this past Wednesday, 1 February 2012, Apple has two new software updates. One is a security update for Snow Leopard and other is an update to Apple Remote Desktop.

Security Update 2012-001 (Snow Leopard) (and the corresponding server edition) is, being recommended for all Snow Leopard users. Apple has said that this update will address security issues. However, it has not posted any details to its security updates article.

Apple has said that Apple Remote Desktop 3.5.2 update is meant to address issues with screen sharing. This update will fix authentication when using Kerberos, or when logging in as a user with no password. It will also fix problems controlling a remote computer with two displays, when the primary display is on the right.

Both updates are available through Apple’s Support site as well as via Mac OS X’s Software Update feature.

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Source: Mac World

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