New Version Of Mac OS X To Have iOS Apps

We are back with a good news for Mac users. Apple is set to release an update to the Mac operating system.

This new update takes the best parts of the operating system for the iPhone and iPad.

Recently, a preview version of Mac OS X Mountain Lion was released to developers. This preview version showed what to what users could expect from the next generation of Mac computers.

The most notable change is about a built-in software that until now has existed only on iPhones and iPads. Apple summed it up in a note about the developer release, saying, “The ninth major release of OS X, Mountain Lion brings great features inspired by iPad and reimagined for the Mac.”

For example, iMessage, the instant messaging service lets iPhone and iPad users communicate exclusively with other iPhone and iPad users. Now this will be supported on the Mac as well.

In addition, iCloud integration will be deeply integrated into Mountain Lion. Users will be able to log in with their Apple ID and have their cloud-stored content and documents automatically show up on the computer.

Other iOS apps like Reminders, Notes, and Notification Calendar are also being built into the latest Mac software. All this is being done allow the integration of Mac with an iPhone or iPad. Mountain Lion will also have a built-in integration with Twitter. User would be able to go from booting up to tweeting in a matter of minutes.

Mountain Lion will also have the ability to beam the stuff that is on your screen to an HDTV via a wireless connection with the Apple TV.

Looks like that the Mac brand would be as cool and hip as iOS in near future.

Source: i4U

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