The Newest Speculated iPhone 6 With a Physical Mockup

We have been observing quite a number of sources airing photos and videos of iPhone mockups on the rumored iPhone 6. Most of the shown cases and mockups appear to be professed and the lack of concreteness create further anxiety around. MacRumors have got hold of something firm, apparently we don’t know this will be helpful, or might just expand the horizon of whispers going around.

MacRumors have obtained one of the iPhone 6 cases and a separate 3D printed rough physical mockup which is based on the MacFan drawings for the 4.7-inch model. In conjunction, the case and the mockup give a good idea of the experience of a larger iPhone 6.

The larger iPhone certainly makes it difficult to operate with one-hand but Apple would have found a fix-it for the issue and designed it intelligently.

The physical mockup includes a mocked up home screen highlighting a 4.7 inch screen at 326 pixels per inch as the iPhone 5s would yield a 1334×750 display that might display an additional row of icons. While the mockup is based on the design drawings posted by MacFan, the surface of the device is slightly lowered so that the physical features are easily noticed.

(via MacRumors)

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