Some New MacBook Airs Are Sluggish Than Others [Video]

According to reports from TLD Today, it says that some new MacBook Airs that was released in 2011 are working slower than others. The reason behind this slow performance is that Apple has used various SSD suppliers for the notebook.

Engadget reveals that Jonathan over at TLD has found a fairly important discrepancy when going through the both MacBook Airs models over the weekend. Jonathan 11-inch MacBook Air feature 128GB Samsung SSD was able to attain 246 MB/s write and 264 MB/s read speeds and after he shift to 13-inch model it seems the speeds has dropped to 156MB/s and 208MB/s respectively while using 128GB Toshiba SSD.

Some 2011 MacBook Airs Slower Than Others Video:

Apple decision to ship both Samsung and Toshiba SSDs at the same time is quite unusual and a bit unfair to wretched customers.

[Via iClarified]

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