Newsweek present subscriptions for iPad

Yesterday, Newsweek became the first major magazine to offer digital subscriptions for the iPad. Newsweek first debuted its iPad app back in June, with individual copies available weekly for $2.99 each.
Well, this was not much of a deal, since a six-month sub to the print version goes for $24.99, or about $1 per issue. Now the long-running news weekly is offering iPad users a better price $9.99 for a three-month subscription or $14.99 for 24 weeks. This is evidently a step in the right direction at present if not the future.

The issue for the iPad does not require printing, postage or transport to newsstands, it’s only logical for the digital copy to cost less. It will be interesting to see which publications will be next to offer subscriptions for the iPad, and at what price point.

You can download the Newsweek app free at the App Store.


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