Next-Gen iPhone Coming In June 2012?

iPhone 5 release rumor

Every Apple Fanboy is waiting for the next generation iPhone (also known as iPhone 5) will arrive. It seems one may not have to wait too long for that.

In a recent Japanese-language TV program, a Foxconn recruiter in Taiyuan, China was found saying that Apple will release its next-generation iPhone in June 2012. This statement was seen in one of the recorded scenes where a woman was asking a Foxconn recruiter how many people the factory is seeking to hire. The recruiter responded saying that Foxconn was “looking for 18,000 employees… for the fifth-generation phone.” When questioned whether the number was based off the demand for the next-gen iPhone, the recruiter responded with “That’s right. It will come out in June.”

Although the iPhone 4S is technically the fifth-generation iPhone, many Apple fanboys continue to refer to the upcoming sixth-generation iPhone as the “iPhone 5.”

The reports says that Foxconn currently employs 80,000 workers at its Taiyuan plant. The manufacturer has long been Apple’s main partner for producing the iPhone. Recently, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook had visited one of the Foxconn factories in Zhengzhou, China recently to oversee the conditions.

Despite the Foxconn recruiter’s words, a June date remains highly questionable. It is not exactly clear how a low-level employee within the company would know of Apple’s release schedule, which is always kept under the wraps by Apple. Another issue would be the fact that the next-generation iPhone would be released too soon after the iPhone 4S, which many users complain about even when just thinking about it. Lastly, this rumor conflicts with multiple reports that suggest the iPhone will arrive in September or October of this year, following Apple’s newly set trend from last year.

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